Frankie Yourgulez-Buhrer

Frankie Lorraine Yourgulez-Buhrer has been a silversmith jewelry designer for over 30 years. Her contemporary style of design is a mix of southwest techniques and fabrication methods. Each piece is freeform and unique in its own way. In regard to the creative process, she says, “every piece of jewelry I make starts with a vision of the end product, a vision often inspired by the unique features of the natural stones I use or the unique personality of the intended recipient. As the work progresses, however, each piece takes on its own life leading my creativity and imagination along a winding road towards the end product.”

Frankie is a juried member of the Cumberland Valley Craftsmen Guild, and the newly formed Hub City Artisans of Maryland. Courtesy

Frankie will be exhibiting at our Spring 2010 Studio Tour at the Willow Creek Pottery studio.

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